WATSON Corporate Academy

Mogale Business Park is home to the WATSON Corporate Academy, BOSASA Operations’ head office, as well as the menagerie of birds and mammals that freely roam the park-like grounds.


The WATSON Corporate Academy (WCA) started as a BOSASA training division. Here employees from all over the country come to complete courses to advance their careers in the group. WCA embodies BOSASA’s commitment to staff development and empowerment. Many employees, nominated by leadership, have progressed from basic training courses at WCA through management positions in the various BOSASA Group companies and divisions.

The WCA Commitment

WCA offers world-class education for employees who pursue service excellence, superb work and impeccable business ethics. The distinguishing features of WCA are:

  • BOSASA is committed to learning and invests generously in resources, facilities and infrastructure to support it
  • WCA employs innovative teaching strategies to enhance creative classroom management and encourage new ways of thinking
  • Individual students display an evident desire to learn
  • The drive for continuous improvement and innovation is pervasive
  • Diverse assignments grow students in their particular fields
  • The learning has practical application in students’ work environment
  • Programmes institutionalise transformation
  • WCA gives BOSASA a unique competitive advantage by empowering employees to own the group’s strategic vision and values
  • WCA reinforces BOSASA’s corporate social investment programme
  • WCA is accredited by the Global Council of Corporate Universities

Our Curriculum

The WATSON Corporate Academy’s holistic teaching strategy and interactive learning develop positive self-image, intellectual ability, social responsibility and physical wellbeing. Students master not only the required theory but also the latest advances and trends that facilitate immediate career development.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Full Facilities Management
  • Security
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Hospitality
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Sondolo IT Joint Operations Contact Centre

WCA’s frequent use of real-life case studies of South African companies teaches students to anticipate the consequences of different decisions. Team exercises, simulations and on-site experiences ground the theory and enable students to apply leadership, planning and decision making in practice.

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