Sondolo Integrated Technology Solutions

Sondolo Integrated Technology (IT), established in 2005, combines every aspect of security into integrated, customised electronic software solutions to suit our clients’ operating environments.

Sondolo IT has specialist teams of highly trained technicians nationwide to undertake IT and security installations. These professionals also maintain the systems and equipment.

We focus on clients with large-scale, complex operations. Our mastery at combining a diverse range of products from world-class suppliers into a bespoke security system has won us the loyalty of many high-profile clients in the private and public sectors.

Secure Premises

Sondolo IT provides sophisticated perimeter protection for secure-care and high-risk facilities. Phezulu, a sister company in the BOSASA Group, specialises in advanced high-security fencing, which Sondolo integrates with:

  • anti-escape and anti-intrusion motion detectors
  • surveillance cameras
  • monitoring
  • alarm systems
  • control room
  • armed response

Our customised software can process data collected from every constituent of security installations for rapid decision making and law enforcement.

Asset and Property Protection

Sondolo Integrated Technology undertakes security installations, as well as asset protection services, in numerous and varied environments.

Access Control

Sondolo IT’s state-of-the-art access control incorporates biometric identification, turnstiles, people tracking and building management technology.

Sondolo IT demonstrates Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment throughout our large-scale operations. A round-the-clock call centre is part of the sophisticated infrastructure enabling the organisation to execute massive contracts in record time and to the highest technical specifications, anywhere in South Africa.

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