Our Clients

BOSASA’s public and private sector clients span a wide range of industries including mining; fleet management; security; aviation; energy and solar energy; education; health; social development; correctional services; municipalities; repatriation and law.

Our wide and extensive experience in multiple industries is testament to the fact that our professional expertise in full facilities management can be adapted to our clients’ specific needs, no matter the scale of the project or contract. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority and many are long-standing clients because of this focus on superior service, combined with our unwavering commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Benefits to our clients:

Because BOSASA innovates, our clients enjoy cutting-edge solutions to their unique problems.

Because BOSASA is outspoken about our beliefs and values, our clients hold us to impeccable standards of morality and integrity.

Because BOSASA undertakes constant research and development, our clients have their needs met with tailored and fully integrated solutions.

Because BOSASA values entrepreneurship, our clients experience our agility and adaptability in serving them.

Because BOSASA strives for upliftment, our clients benefit from our know-how in and full commitment to empowerment and transformation.

Because BOSASA is built on relationships of trust, our clients experience accountability and transparency.

Because BOSASA believes in teamwork, our clients know that we work collaboratively with them towards shared goals.

No wonder that the norm among our clients is to maintain a long-term relationship with BOSASA.


Below are the logos of some of our happy clients: