On-IT1 Software Solutions

The BOSASA Group is made up of several diverse companies serving an even more diverse range of clients. On-IT1 is the nerve centre of this body, constantly developing custom software and updating it to run all BOSASA’s and some external clients’ business applications and processes.

We take care of internal and external clients’ software and information technology (IT) needs so that they can focus on their own core business activities. As a result, clients enjoy state-of-the-art IT and the latest advances at reduced cost.

trustMASTER Security Software

The heart of On-IT1 is trustMASTER, our potent management program jointly developed by local On-IT1 specialists and international developers. On-IT1 provides products and services with optimal security integration based solely on the needs of our internal and external clients, using technologies such as ASP.net and PHP.

Access Anywhere

On-IT1 clients can access their security software anytime, from any device. trustMASTER is compatible with any browser, and On-IT1 recently launched a trustMASTER mobile application to make access on the go a reality.

Different Modules

Our comprehensive approach is demonstrated by trustMASTER’s different modules:

  • building manager
  • power manager
  • water manager
  • safety manager
  • security manager
  • asset manager
  • kitchen manager
  • communicator
  • service manager
  • fleet manager



trustMASTER combines the BOSASA Group’s in-depth understanding of the local market with the development expertise of our international team to optimise every aspect of company operations.

Custom Development

Our software development encompasses every aspect, from an initial assessment through design, training and operation to continuing support and maintenance.

Clients’ specific needs are always the starting point. We design application prototypes, test and adjust them into bespoke software solutions. We then fully integrate this custom software into the client’s existing infrastructure, providing training in the use of the software as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

In this way, On-IT1 replaces inefficient business processes with cutting-edge IT systems to save our clients money and time while giving them a competitive edge.

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