Community Computer Centres

Nicholus Savhasa is proficient in computers. It all started with his training at a BOSASA Community Computer Centre. Snapping up every opportunity to learn, Savhasa soon progressed to regional leadership. “If it wasn’t for BOSASA, I believe that maybe I would have been a driver,” he says.

Every BOSASA Community Computer Centre around the country boasts the latest technology and software. Teams of technicians from Sondolo IT, the integrated technology company in BOSASA Operations, maintain the computers.

People who might otherwise have no opportunity to become familiar with a computer benefit not only from having these centres in their communities, but also from the training courses offered at BOSASA Community Computer Centres. Registered courses – from basic to advanced computer training – equip users with the skills they need.

Many BOSASA Community Computer Centres are in schools, and they serve learners, teachers, and members of the wider community. In addition, there is a computer centre in every BOSASA Youth Development Centre.

BOSASA Community Computer Centres introduce users to:

  • new skills
  • new employment opportunities
  • an entirely new virtual world of information, resources and connections
  • new markets for job skills and products
  • prospects of further education and training

Below are a few examples of BOSASA computer centres:

Westonaria Community Computer Centre

Westonaria is small mining town in Gauteng. With a contraction in mining operations and many mine employees laid off, the BOSASA Community Computer Centre offers young and old a way to acquire new skills and new prospects for making a living.

Fezeka High School Computer Centre

Fezeka High School in Gugulethu, Cape Town, is typical of BOSASA’s social investment in previously disadvantaged communities. Many BOSASA employees have come through development programmes.

iSibonelo High School Computer Centre

iSibonelo High School in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, was founded in 1960 and has produced notable South African leaders. Govan Mbeki, father of former state president Thabo Mbeki, was once the principal. Baleka Mbete, South African Speaker of Parliament, was a teacher.

BOSASA Youth Development Centres

Every BOSASA Youth Development Centre has well-equipped computer facilities, because computer literacy is fundamental to the education and training of residents. For these teens, who have all been in conflict with the law, computer proficiency often accompanies rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

East London Female Prison Computer Centre

This correctional facility accommodates female offenders under medium and maximum security and also women awaiting trial. Because this prison has always strived to rehabilitate offenders and teach them post-release skills, its wardens and administrators welcomed the idea of a computer centre. In addition to all the benefits of learning computer skills, proficiency also helps to lessen the stigma of incarceration and promotes reintegration into the community.