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“In my previous company I had no vision of generosity. The contrast between BOSASA and my past is unbelievable,” says Ishmael Dikani, Director of BOSASA Operations (Pty) Ltd

BOSASA employees aim high. We strive to always be better – together. There are no heroes here: if you win, the team wins; if you lose, the team loses.

Are you motivated to keep growing and learning to empower yourself and those around you? Will you grasp every opportunity to excel?

All BOSASA employees have access to training, mentoring and the chance to become a leader in the group, no matter where you come from. Because BOSASA values integrity and talent, we are constantly developing better ways to identify latent talent and to empower people to live up to their potential. Our strategy has always been to keep building capacity to meet current and future needs.

Our advanced screening of applicants, which focuses on values and integrity in addition to skills and aptitude, ensures that new BOSASA employees are of the same high calibre as those already in our employ.

If you would like to join our teams of excellence, please search below to find new job opportunities and apply.

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Posted: February 19, 2018, 12:53 pm