BOSASA Youth Development Centres

Youth need love, direction and guidance. Those in conflict with the law need an extra measure of all three, plus specialised help and rehabilitation in a safe environment where they can learn to trust others and be trustworthy themselves.

We provide that environment in BOSASA Youth Development Centres to young people between the ages of 14 and 21 who have been in conflict with the law.

The Purpose of Youth Development Centres

In 1995, BOSASA partnered with the Department of Social Development to establish the first Youth Development Centre. The immediate aim was to move youth in conflict with the law out of adult correctional facilities. The ultimate objective was to equip troubled youth with the values, education and vocational skills they needed to live productive lives in society.

Working with the departments of Justice, Correctional Services, Health, Education and the South African Police Service, we provide the youth in our centres with holistic development and guidance in seven key areas:

  • SETA-accredited education and training
  • personal development
  • therapeutic interventions
  • cultural activities
  • entrepreneurial development
  • sport and recreation
  • reintegration into society

Activities at Youth Development Centres

A typical weekday at a BOSASA Youth Development Centre consists of compulsory schooling for the under-16s. Those over 16 can choose between formal school, skills development and vocational training. Every youth has access to therapy, life skills programmes and practical workshops in the youth centres.

Whether they relax in the pool, play soccer or study for their certification in their free time, we keep them healthy with nutritious meals.

Then there are the special days when families and relatives of the young people spend a full day at the Youth Development Centre. The youth showcase their talents: from song and dance acts, poetry and speeches, arts, crafts and furniture to serving muffins, cookies and a full lunch that they’ve made themselves.

The Future

BOSASA Youth Development Centres seamlessly merge our varied services with our passion for upliftment, education and giving back to communities across South Africa. Our wealth of experience in working with troubled youth and reintegrating them into society gives them the hope and confidence to envision a crime-free future. In the words of one-time resident Bongani: “No matter what place or situation you find yourself in today, you can still look up and you will see your dream.”

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