BOSASA Risk Management Solutions

BOSASA Risk Management Solutions are comprehensive, yet streamlined, with security personnel, technology, infrastructure and control integrated into a single platform tailored to meet our clients’ and partners’ operational demands.

We provide security at a wide spectrum of facilities, including:

  • secure-care premises
  • airports
  • mines
  • large-scale parkades
  • national key points

Physical Security Operations

The human element can make the most advanced security system vulnerable. That’s why BOSASA Group security personnel are handpicked and extensively trained at our own WATSON Corporate Academy. Every BOSASA security guard displays the keen sense of professionalism and responsibility that defines our elite security teams.

We install advanced security hardware such as barriers, CCTV surveillance systems and sensors, plus custom, integrated software to manage every aspect of the security installation. Continual maintenance and upgrading ensure that our security installations remain state-of-the-art. With centralised and off-site monitoring systems, every situation can be viewed from a single control room. Add an extensive network of specialist support staff plus surveillance, human profiling and screening services, and it is clear why clients choose BOSASA Security to safeguard them.

Investigation and Forensic Services

BOSASA Security stands ready to identify, investigate and eliminate criminal activity in any organisation. Our business intelligence systems, fraud prevention programmes and hotline services are designed to prevent crime.

Asset Management and Protection Services

BOSASA Security understands how important it is to keep track of company assets, but also how much time and resources are required. With our customisable asset management software, clients can tag and track the status of any number of their assets in real time, from one central location.

Environmental Risk and Emergency Solutions

We assess the potential hazards of operational environments and advise clients on how to prevent emergencies. Because we understand the environmental and structural characteristics of workplaces, we can recommend preventative measures and safety precautions that will minimise the specific risks.

Other Services

Additionally, we offer the following:

  • data storage and retrieval
  • network security monitoring
  • investor services
  • specialised investigations
  • high-risk covert operations
  • business services
  • information networking
  • monitoring and armed response
  • community liaison services
  • prime product protection

We are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and we fully comply with the regulatory requirements of the PSIRA Act No 56 of 2001.

Every day, BOSASA Security safeguards thousands of people in airports, courts and numerous other facilities all over South Africa,  professionally and efficiently.

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