BOSASA Group Support Services

BOSASA’s centralised support services, housed at Mogale Business Park, enable companies in the BOSASA Group to maintain operational excellence by concentrating on their core businesses.

Business Intelligence

This division turns large volumes of raw BOSASA data into useful information. These insights help management to:

  • analyse the business in real time
  • increase client satisfaction
  • make better decisions
  • optimise budgeting and planning
  • improve cash flow and profitability

BOSASA Technical and Spatial Planning


The BOSASA technical division maintains and manages all properties and facilities owned or administered by the BOSASA Group. Technical teams include a wide array of specialists and undertake:

  • property maintenance and management
  • architectural design and spatial planning
  • civil, electrical and mechanical services

They ensure that all projects are planned, executed and maintained in accordance with the project specifications and to the highest standard.

BOSASA IT and Networking


This division manages and maintains all information and communication technology infrastructure and support systems for the whole BOSASA Group. BOSASA IT ensures that all hardware is serviced regularly and is in good working order.

Our IT experts create fully integrated computer-based solutions for many of our clients, and BOSASA maintains these information technology systems.

BOSASA IT also administers our equipment and asset management package: a customised system for tracking all assets. This puts control firmly into the hands of our clients’ management teams, thus removing the risks involved in running and managing any sized facility.

BOSASA Procurement and Logistics

BOSASA employs custom-designed and integrated software to support procurement for all BOSASA business units and functions, including:

  • group travel
  • storage and warehousing
  • logistics and distribution
  • equipment
  • services
  • motor vehicles
  • consumables
  • building materials
  • various raw materials

Thanks to BOSASA’s size, procurement yields significant economies of scale, with BOSASA clients the beneficiaries of the cost savings.

Our procurement policy is based on Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) principles and we encourage small, micro and medium enterprise (SMME) development.

BOSASA Transactional Planning


Preparing professional and fully compliant bids requires skill, time and precision. The transactional planning division undertakes this specialised function on behalf of all BOSASA Group companies. Aspects of preparing a bid include:

  • ensuring that the bidder meets all the technical and skills requirements of the potential contract
  • confirming that the potential contract complies with the bidder’s mission and market strategy
  • assessing how the potential contract might affect the bidder’s other clients, staffing levels and capacity to take on new business
  • determining the projected profitability of the potential contract
  • taking strategic decisions regarding the bid costing

By doing all this, we see to it that tender documents meet all requirements and are accurate, complete, compliant and optimally presented.

BOSASA Marketing and Branding

eKayaMedia is the custodian of the BOSASA Group’s corporate identity. An internal marketing and advertising tradigital agency, we meld the marketing and branding personas of all the companies in the Group into a coherent message. This involves:

  • brand management
  • content creation and management
  • graphic design & web design
  • photography & videography
  • printing
  • signage production and installation
  • multimedia production
  • social and new media management
  • marketing, branding and digital strategy

Since 2004 Bosele, our glossy magazine, has become much more than an in-house newsletter. We print 6 000 copies and reach an estimated 12 000 readers. Bosele is brimful with information of interest to our employees, clients and stakeholders, such as:

  • features on the various divisions and companies in the BOSASA Group
  • profiles of our employees and their achievements
  • in-depth details on how our many services work
  • announcements about new technology and research
  • recent conferences and events attended or held by BOSASA
  • industry news that is related to our services

Bosele showcases BOSASA in all its diversity of cultures, products and people.

BOSASA Legal Services

As legal adviser to BOSASA and its stakeholders, our legal division assesses and refines all legislative processes throughout the group. It ensures scrupulous compliance with all South African regulations. Our focus is impeccable corporate governance, moral accountability and compliance with best corporate governance practices.

BOSASA Strategic Process Management

Our compliance and auditing staff guarantee that BOSASA maintains:

  • external certification by Q Pro, health specialists, food and safety authorities and any other bodies that regulate aspects of BOSASA’s day-to-day operations
  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • environmental safeguards
  • responsible manufacturing practices
  • regular, independent audits by quality management companies to ensure the highest standards
  • strict compliance with the applicable governance, regulatory and contractual requirements of all parties involved

These measures assure BOSASA’s clients of service excellence.

BOSASA Finance and Accounting

Using advanced risk modelling techniques, our finance division makes critical decisions to maintain BOSASA’s financial health in a constantly changing economic environment. We focus on accountability, profitability and the correct allocation of resources throughout the BOSASA Group of companies. With this internal focus and sound external relationships with bankers, auditors and shareholders, BOSASA boosts revenue and growth.

BOSASA Human Resources

BOSASA’s human resources (HR) division is responsible for:

  • organisation design
  • planning, recruitment, selection and retention of staff
  • performance assessment and management
  • training and career path development
  • succession planning
  • employee wellness
  • labour relations

Our HR team ensures that all BOSASA employees are trained and empowered to express their personalities and strengths at work. This is the secret of the team spirit and unified efforts that set BOSASA apart.