Staff Wellness Programme

“I thank BOSASA because they really empowered me,” says Nokuthula. Working as a cleaner, she jumped at the chance BOSASA gives employees to apply for more challenging positions. Staff know that BOSASA encourages, trains and supports them to further their careers and improve their lives.

Transforming Work

BOSASA believes in training. We give every employee – no matter their gender or background – the chance to learn and improve their circumstances. BOSASA runs a spectrum of training programmes at our progressive facilities in Mogale Business Park, from entry-level computer literacy to tertiary level courses. Programmes offered by WATSON Corporate Academy include:

  • Leadership development
  • On-the-job training
  • Mentoring
  • Career path guidance
  • Professional counselling
  • Life skills education
  • Team building

Working for BOSASA is more than a business or career experience. It is a journey of personal and spiritual growth, reflection and reaching out. An unequivocally Christian company, BOSASA inspires and prompts employees to be part of a vibrant spiritual community working for the good of society.

Transforming Lives

BOSASA is in the business of transforming lives. We have given many new hope and a future by offering them work, training and the means to personal betterment. Because, in the words of CEO Gavin Watson, “Each person is born with an ability to succeed.”

Every BOSASA employee has a story to tell, like Nicholas Ngwanammoto Kgotso, who started as a cook in the early years and progressed to a seat on the Board of Trustees.

Elijah Malekana asserts, “BOSASA has changed my life drastically. I even managed to take my children to university. I also managed to buy a house. I am financially stable. BOSASA has given me recognition for the good work that I am doing. BOSASA has made me a more focused leader.”

Transforming Communities

The BOSASA ethos of improving society and giving back is fundamental to our corporate sustainability and determines every action we take as a company. We nurture pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs to strive for a purpose beyond making money and profit. That purpose is to influence the lives of others for a better world.

Having experienced BOSASA’s commitment to their growth and wellbeing, employees are inspired to share with others what they are receiving.