BOSASA comprises diverse service companies

with a common focus: empowering people,

giving back to communities and

providing specialised services.


BOSASA’s management services and solutions

include risk; safety and security; information

technology; solar power; business process;

project management; property and facilities;

fleet management; rehabilitation;

repatriation; youth development;

training; catering and health and wellness.


We treasure diversity in staff and clients and are

proud of our Level 2 B-BBEE status. We

harness innovation and technical brilliance

to create custom services for

comprehensive operations.


Our national footprint and agility give us the

capacity to provide and maintain unparalleled

service excellence to existing clients, while

executing large-scale contracts in

record time.


The blue crane, South Africa’s national bird, have

the right of way at Mogale Business Park. The

5 ha campus reminds you of a nature

reserve. Crowned cranes patrol the car

park while springbok nibble the lawns.


These peaceful grounds is home to BOSASA’s

head office. The nature-friendly design reflects

the harmony, commitment to staff wellness

and environmental care that characterise

all BOSASA operations.


The 14 buildings are designed to blend

unobtrusively into the landscaped gardens.

Each BOSASA business unit has its own

building. Staff and visitors enjoy

state-of-the-art facilities and equipment

in surroundings that promote

productivity and teamwork.


Mogale Business Park also boasts exclusive

visitors’ accommodation, a gourmet diner,

mashie golf course and the training facilities

of WATSON Corporate Academy.


Mogale Business Park gives expression to the

wise words of Elizabeth Kübler Ross,

“When structures and environments are

hospitable to innovation, people’s

natural inventiveness can make

anything happen.”




Gavin Watson

Gavin Watson is the pioneer and founder of the BOSASA Group of Companies, of which he is Group Chief Executive Officer. Steering BOSASA from inception, he transformed it into a world-class force.

BOSASA – Past and Future

BOSASA and its leaders were at the forefront of the societal and corporate transformation that embraced a new democracy in South Africa. It did so with courage and principled leadership and an unwavering commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.


Plates of food served to date

Youth went through BOSASA Youth Development Centres to date

Offenders have received training

Spent on Corporate Social Investment programmes


Nearly two decades ago, we executed our first service contracts and have retained many of these long-standing clients. Such loyalty is built on integrity and service excellence, which we are proud of.

BOSASA Group is made up of several business units that provide specialised services. We have the expertise and staff to execute large-scale service contracts across South Africa. Whether ensuring security at airports, designing sophisticated management systems or providing high-volume catering or training, we harness innovation and technical brilliance to create custom services for our clients. With a national footprint and agility to deliver, we are able to provide integrated, seamless services, no matter the size or complexity, in record time.

Clients and staff have discovered that the BOSASA Group keeps its promises, hence their loyalty to us. In the words of Gavin Watson, CEO, “Loyalty is people’s enthusiastic commitment to a relationship with BOSASA that will improve their lives over the long term.”

BOSASA Group services extend across South Africa. With offices and companies in all South Africa’s provinces and every major national city, we are always close to our clients.

Find out more about our business units and comprehensive services:


“A life transformed for the better, is a life enriched for the future.”
Gavin Watson

Giving – mostly without fanfare or publicity – has always been the BOSASA norm. How BOSASA engages with clients, partners, employees and the world at large flows directly from our deeply-rooted spiritual values.

The BOSASA Group reaches out to local communities wherever we operate. Our ethos of improving society is fundamental to our corporate sustainability and determines every action we take as a company. Beyond excellence and profitability, our purpose is to influence the lives of others for a better South Africa.

That’s why the BOSASA Group supports schools, care centres, orphanages, clinics, computer centres and development initiatives in various provinces.

Download our BOSASA Giving Back brochure (3.6MB)


BOSASA’s centralised support services enable each company in the BOSASA Group to maintain operational excellence in its specialist field.
Housed at Mogale Business Park, the shared services centre releases individual companies to concentrate on their core businesses.


Because BOSASA has a national footprint, our clients always have us nearby. A 24/7 call centre provides peace of mind and convenience.

BOSASA’s geographical spread and capacity allow us to execute new contracts in record time, no matter how large or sophisticated. All clients and partners – existing and new – can count on our agility, proximity and expertise. Expect us to respond to your needs with innovative, tailor-made solutions.

Free State

Bloemfontein Provincial Office
Tel: +27 51 447 3653


Gauteng Provincial & Head Office
Tel: +27 11 662 6000


Durban Provincial Office
Tel: +27 31 265 8530


Polokwane Provincial Office
Tel: +27 15 296 2882


Mbombela Provincial Office
Tel: +27 13 755 2288

Northern Cape

Kimberley Provincial Office
Tel: +27 53 832 7287

North West

Mafikeng Provincial Office
Tel: +27 81 381 5648

Western Cape

Cape Town Provincial Office
Tel: +27 21 552 1803

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Mogale Business Park
1 Windsor Road, Mogale City, 1739
Tel: +27 11 662 6000

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